'Touching Home' 2007 FILM- Winston Movie LLC-Prod.

Disney Worldwide Channel-Radio Awards Show

X Box -2007-Kontent FIlms

HP-Kontent Films

IDEO-Kontent Films

WOLFE 95.7 Commercials-Rosler Creative

Tiger Log--Inner Circle Creative

Apple - Production Machine

Oakland A's Commercial-Keith Brauneis Production

Gottschalks-Freeman Prod.(Les Milne)

Shrek 3 Junket-Telefilm

Nimblefish Technologies-Industrials

Proactive Infomercial-2007

Cache Creek-O'Gara/Bissel Productions

Longs Drugs - Zephyr Productions

"Tinactin" Commercial - Backyard Productions

Kaiser Permanente-In House

LSI Image-American Media Group

Expedia Video-Fusion Idea Lab ( Chicago )

Cisco Systems Videos-Quovera and AMG

Cisco-Project Film

Paramount 's "Great America" - Angel City Productions - Dir. Caleb Deschanel

"Yak-Bak", Kahlua, and Homeworks-Informercials - Jump Ship Studios

Kahlua - Jump Ship Studios

Sega, Santeen - Hilight Productions

Toyota - Northern California - Momentum Films

Jeep - Nationals - Momentum Films

Mitsubishi - Japan - Inscope, Inc.

AT&T - Orient - Crane S.F.

"If I Were President" - GGP

General Electric - Dir. Joe Pytka Productions

Good Guys - Silver Strands Films

Kawasaki - East End Productions

Gallo Wine - Neil Tardio Productions

Ross Dress for Less - Neil Tardio Productions

"Smart Talk" - GGP Productions

"Planet California " - California Tourist Board - Hilight Productions

Office Depot - Altman Procko Productions

"Dr. Death" - Red Sky Films

Toyota - Canada - McWaters Films

Marina Bay Golf - Beyond Pix Productions

Public Utility Commission Spots - Venture Films

Breath Remedy - Jessen Productions

Men Are From Mars - Gray Productions – PRTV Infomercial

Agilent Industrials- Suzanne Romaine Prod.

Macy's Satelite Network

George Duke- Warner Bros. Music Video

Mavis Staples & Family-Warner Bros. Music Video-Commotion Films

"The Great Adventure" - Wins Entertainment ( Hong Kong ) - Dir. Ringo Lam

"The Voyeur" - Erotic Escapades - Dir. Deborah Shames

"Hottest Bid" - Erotic Escapades - Dir. Deborah Shames

"Poco Loco" - Signs of Life - Dir. Deborah Koons Garcia

"Women Who Cry in Restaurants" - Paris Rosevelt Prod. - Dir. Phoebe Rubin

Price Waterhouse-Production Machine


'The Unabomer'-(2007) Winton Dupont Films/Natl' Geo. Channel

Fuse TV-Media Central

Wise Up! -Pilot show-Dak Rasheta Productions

'Urban Ore'-Shades of Green-TV pilot

"Google Minute" Current TV - ongoing

"I Want That Bath"- HGTV-ongoing

CNN - Ongoing

ESPN - Ongoing

"Today Show" Tom Snyder, Charles Grodin Show - Beyond Pix Productions

"Poison Shake" Unsolved Mysteries - Cosgrove/Meurer

"The Rock" - Press Junket - Telefilm Productions

"Monsters Inc."-Press Junket –Telefilm Productions

"Cyberlife" - Termite Art

"Nash Bridges" - Off Duty Productions

ET (Entertainment Tonight) – Paramount

TV Guide Channel

Oprah (live local segment)- King World Productions

Access Hollywood - Star Wars Junket '02, Shaun Donahue Productions

"Aspiring Women" - Beyond Pix Productions

Learning Channel - Morningstar Ent.

The Living Channel

Rosler Creative - KFRC radio spots/t.v.

"Madagascar"- Juncket-Telefilm Prod.


"Star Wars"- Juncket - Shaun Donahue Productions

"Recipe for Success" Show/Food Channel - Courlei Production

"Fine Living" - AEG T.V.